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Bunky's Charter Boats offers the always popular Bottom-Fishing Head Boat to fill your cooler!

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(Fishing licenses are not required)

The Bottom-Fishing Head Boat is a 5 hour fishing trip open to the public. Each individual purchases their own ticket online from our Shopify Store and joins others in a day of bottom fishing. The Bottom-Fishing Head Boat will either anchor or drift for the bottom fish in the Chesapeake Bay or Patuxent River, fishing local to Solomons. Croaker, Spot, and White Perch are most commonly caught aboard this Head Boat.

Please provide something to take home your catch. Ice and bait are not included, however, they are sold in Bunky's Tackle Store. Please limit coolers and rods to one per person.

You may bring your own fishing gear. Bottom rigs are recommended with size 2 or 4 hooks and 3 oz weights. Short and light fishing rods work the best. Please call 24 hours prior to departure as the Head Boat may be booked for private charters. Actual boat used varies from day to day.

Schedule: (May through October)

Check online at our Shopify Store for available dates and times.

$50.00 per person. Sorry, price does not include rod or bait.
$5.00 rod rental available. Ice & Bait are available in the tackle store.
Bloodworms are highly recommended. Bait shrimp and squid are also used.
Fishing licenses are not required.

Bottom-Fishing Head Boat is based upon availability and not guaranteed to sail. 10 people are needed to show for the boat to sail. Please call 24 hours prior to scheduled departure as the Bottom-Fishing Head Boat may be booked for private charters.

November through April:

The Bottom-Fishing Head Boat will not be sailing during these months. We will run our Bottom-Fishing Head Boats Memorial Day Weekend through mid to late October.

Bottom-Fishing Head Boat Fishing - May & June

Croaker will start to show up in May. As June gets here, the Spot fish will start coming around and the bottom fishing season begins.


Bottom-Fishing Head Boat Fishing - July & August

Mid-summer, the bottom-fishing season is usually plentiful. These two months are peak season. Spot, Croaker, White Perch, Blue Fish, Rock Fish, and Trout all can be caught during July and August.

Bottom-Fishing Head Boat Fishing - September & October

Jumbo Spot, White Perch and Blue Fish are being caught. Rock Fish have been caught on our Bottom-Fishing Head Boat in September as well. Towards the end of September, as the bottom-fishing comes to an end, our Bottom-Fishing Head Boat will stop running at this time.

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Mail Address: P.O. Box 379, Solomons, Maryland 20688 • Location: 14448 Solomons Island Road South • Phone: (410) 326-3241